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    Popular Questions

    1What is TribeUp?
    TribeUp is a cause, conversation, and company founded by a passion to promote conscious interaction in life and business. The framework is based on the distinction that your tribe exists inside of five circles of influence and impact and wise stewardship will produce your highest and best outcomes. The TribeUp app is your own private, invite only social network with tools for efficient and effective interaction.
    2What is Your Tribe?
    In the TribeUp framework, we consider your tribe to be your most frequent interactions with people, places, and things. Creating an awareness of your tribe, or what we call tribal consciousness, enables more wise stewardship and investment in the right people, places, and things and less in the wrong ones. We believe this contributes greatly to living your best life by design.
    3What are the five circles of influence and impact?
    According to the TribeUp framework, your tribe exists inside of five concentric circles of influence and impact with you at the center of it all. These circles help you identify who is where and what in your tribe, and how to best steward and invest more of your resources in the right people, places, and things and less in the wrong ones. Being aware of these most causal relations and interactions and how to nurture them accurately produces your highest and best life. Learn more about each circle by clicking here.
    4What is a touch?
    In the process of nurturing your tribe to cause it to thrive, each important and causal relation needs some form of frequent interaction. We call each interaction a “touch”. It might be a face to face meeting, text message, phone call, or some other form of touch. The TribeUp app has a recommended default touch for each of the five circles but you can also customize the frequency.
    5How is TribeUp different than other Social Networks?
    TribeUp is an invite-only social network with robust tools to give our members an A to Z solution for their entire social experience. We are a S.P.A. platform. Security is no easy thing for today’s apps. We are focused heavily on verifying every user to be real with no bots and no fakes and protecting the data of our users, even from our own misuse. Privacy and the defense against unwanted infiltration is a top priority for us and our users. We are promising a more intentional experience for just you and your tribe and no access by anyone else. Autonomy is a big differentiator between TribeUp and other platforms. We are putting our users in charge of their experience by operating with a freemium business model and not one that requires us to infiltrate your feed with ads. You are in control of your experience.