Frequently Asked Questions

1What is your Tribe and 5 Circles of Influence?
The 5 circles make us more efficient and effective in stewarding and investing in our tribe.
Contact: This is mostly random infrequent contact but not intentional. We also proactively ping others to expand our tribe.
Intention: We develop a plan of interaction to systematically and regularly nurture them and add value to them
Connection: The people that we have influence with and are listening and paying attention to us, and often act on what we say.
Relationship: This is our core tribe of typically less than 150 people. This is a finite space and should be reserved for reciprocal and mutually beneficial value.
Inner Circle: Our most important relationships. Typically, less than 20 and often less than 5.
Must be relationships of strong character and integrity.
2Difference between contactDB and My tribe list
The main difference between the "contactDB" list and the "My Tribe" list is the level of control and management that the user has over their contacts.
The "ContactDB" list is a place where temporary contacts are stored, including those added, synced, or received from someone else. These contacts cannot be managed in the same way as those in the "My Tribe" list, and they will be automatically deleted after 3 days.
On the other hand, the "My Tribe" list is where the user can keep and manage their contacts in a more detailed and organized manner. By adding a contact to the "My Tribe" list, the user gains access to features such as adding tasks, notes, family members, managing tags, and changing its circle of influence.
In summary, the "contactDB" list is for temporary contacts with no management capabilities, while the "My Tribe" list is for important contacts with more advanced management options.

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