The Tribe conversation happens in many forms and refers to all dialogue around the TribeUp framework. This is only one form or medium for that dialogue. It is a first point of entry for new members that want to learn the TribeUp framework.

There is a one-time free registration but there are some specific requirements so please carefully read each point below before registering:

  • To be admitted into the meeting, you must be on time. The meeting will start promptly at 8:00am Arizona time without exception. Being prompt and present is part of the training.
  • If you are late or miss any of the sessions, the video recording will be available, and you must watch any previous meetings you have missed before attending the next one. We will rely on your honor and honesty, also part of the training.
  • Video, image, and interview consent & release. By registering, you hereby authorize The Tribe Up Company, Inc., operating as TribeUp, (the company) the right and permission to copyright and/or publish, reproduce, or otherwise use…
    Click here to read entire release disclaimer
  • We further ask that your conduct be considerate of religion, race, and the political beliefs of others. This content in the sessions is unbiased & deserves an unbiased environment where all feel welcome.


Brett Labit,
Founder and CEO

  • Starts

    Monday 3rd July

  • 8:00am, AZ

Duration: 30 minutes each week for 8 consecutive weeks.

Supported by videos of previous sessions if the sessions are missed.

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