Why We Should TribeUp
And the problems we solve together when we do.
The current online culture lacks the important elements of listening, respect, responsibility, and COLLABORATION. This lack of real engagement makes it near impossible to be seen or heard for any reason unless you have an extremely large budget and expertise.
Without agreements to listen to each other, the default culture becomes one of constant sales pitching and extreme noise.
Seems we have lost many of the manners that would allow us to maintain relationships long enough to create real collaboration and benefit for each other.
The lack of awareness that everyone plays a role in the strength of the ecology and economy of any community and all of the members in that community, has led to a lack of responsibility in our interactions with each other.
Without listening, respect and responsibility, collaboration does not exist. Collaboration is an important key to life and business success and significance.
The TribeUp and Tribe Building Process
  • 1. Attract
    Learn the elements to be attractive and use our tools to find and grow your tribe
  • 2. Invite
    Simple, easy, and automated personal invite links to add and manage your contacts in your tribe
  • 3. Engage
    Proven methods for win/win/win engagement that leads to the highest and best outcome through real collaboration
  • 4. Manage
    Prioritize your activities and habits to be as efficient and effective as possible
  • 5. Monetize
    Earn clients, grow your income, find new opportunities, and accelerate your growth the right way
Become a verified "Tribe Member" and gain access to:
Unique training exclusive to members
Software that supports successful actions and habits of tribe building
Simple and practical tools to assist in growing your tribe quickly
A worldwide community with agreements to collaborate with other tribe members
A platform and process to overcome marketplace challenges, build your tribe, grow your influence, and create win/win/win outcomes.
  • Get Verified
    Begin as a free “Tribe Guest”, complete orientation training, get verified and approved to become a “Tribe Member”
  • Pre-built Attraction Collateral
    As a “Tribe Member” you will have access to pre-built resources to attract and expand your tribe
  • Unique "Invite Tools"
    “Tribe Members” have a unique personal invite link that allows them to invite contacts directly into their tribe and places them in the powerful TRM tool.
  • TRM
    The Tribe Relationship Manager creates a database of your tribe for you for the purposes of systematic engagement, proven to create exponential results.
  • The Power Breakfast
    A unique global zoom call with powerful breakout rooms and a guarantee of 5 new contacts each week to TribeUp with.
  • Tribe Revenue Share
    “Tribe Builders” earn a 50% revenue share of recurring TribeUp subscriptions in their referred tribe, less processing fees.
  • Offers, Content & Events
    “Tribe Builders” have access to powerful publishing tools to post their offers, content and events that can be found by other “Tribe Guests” and above. They can also be converted into tribe building invite links to grow your tribe.